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Convenient Location

Renting a car from Advantage Car Rental Malaysia is so convenient, located approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers will make it easier to access into many other roads and negotiate your way out of the city and close to many attractions Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

Rental Cars

Advantage Car Rental - Malaysia's homegrown car rental company offers wide range of rental cars available for short term car rental, monthly car hire, long term car rental leasing at cheap rental rates. All Advantage cars come equipped with standard accessories and undergo regular checks.

Travelling On a budget?

Our budget car rental deals are designed to ensure hirers save plenty. For cheap car rental, see through our offers and save for all car rental deals in Kuala Lumpur.

GPS - Rent or use it for free!

At Advantage Car Rental we help you make your Malaysia rental car experience easy and economical with great rates, friendly service and all the right travel tips!

We provide travel guides and road maps, but are also only too happy to assist with driving directions or GPS rental to ensure your journey is stress free and enjoyable.

Being a rental car customer of Advantage Car Rental Malaysia you will have the privilege to enjoy great service and quality rental cars while saving more money with our everyday low rates, plus the extra surprises!

Enjoy this great time of the year to explore Malaysia, visit friends or relatives, or make that long overdue holiday trip that you deserve. Just in case you need any more reasons to stop procrastinating, we have some superb car hire rates just for you!