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Corporate Leasing Benefits

Should you buy or lease your next car?

There are many reasons why corporate leasing is an excellent choice, here are some of the key benefits and advantages compared to direct purchase :



For these comparison purposes, 'direct purchase' means either outright (cash) purchase or purchase vehicle with bank financing.

 Smaller capital outlay

You will only need some deposit and the up-front rental to initiate a lease contract, which means your opportunity cost will be maximally minimized.

 Change Vehicle

With direct purchase, it will not be a wise financial decision to change to a newer model or even one with a better facelift or features in 3 years. With our Flexible leasing contract options you are allowed to choose one of our many available packages or we just create one that suit your business need or personal taste which allows the hirer to change or upgrade to a better model, newer car, or even change to a different make or model every 3 years

 Value Depreciation

With leasing, there is no trouble in estimating vehicle residual value for your financial year or absorb unnecessary losses due to uncertain car depreciation.

 Vehicle Disposal

With your busy schedule, this is an unproductive and time consuming activity, especially finding a reliable and trustworthy  buyer who may not only rip you off with their valuation but may cause you unnecessary problems after the sale of your vehicle. There are many incidents where especially used car dealers fail to settle balance payment to banks or financial institutions after several months of purchase date.

 Fixed monthly costs

No matter the size of your business, fixed and transparent costs are always beneficial. With leasing you will know exactly what you are going pay each month for a fixed period.


All of our vehicle leasing deals come with full maintenance package. with direct purchase, you are responsible for repairs, maintenance, servicing, wheel alignments or balancing and list goes on. While these are being done, you will be left without a car. With leasing,  a replacement car will be provided instantly, which will be professionally pre-arranged according to the hirer's convenience, time and schedule and your rental car will be returned in an appropriate time as agreed. We even wash, vacuum and polish/wax the lease car, all part of the package!

 Hiring Extra Staffs

With a large corporate  fleet, additional staffs on payroll will be required to handle all issues pertaining to company owned cars which will cost you extra. With leasing, our trained staffs will handle all these tasks for you at no extra charge or cost to you.


Apart from the benefits of taking no risk on what is a continually depreciating asset, if you own a company, the lease payments are off balance sheet thereby improving the look of your bottom line.