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Leasing a car in Malaysia for business not only makes financial sense but it can also save your company time and hassle.

Whether you are a one person business or managing a large number of company car fleets, our flexible approach to business car leasing makes sound commercial sense.



Corporate Car lease or also known as Operating Lease is simply a vehicle rental agreement. You avoid the risks associated with ownership and have no residual value liability. At the end of your operating lease agreement you may simply return the vehicle and you owe nothing further.

Corporate Leasing in Malaysia is a more economic option than purchasing cars outright. It helps allocate funds to other core areas of business and provides substantial tax benefits.

Your company image - if you have representatives driving all over Malaysia to meet existing and potential clients, then a professional image and convenience is a must. Business car leasing allows you to update your fleet every two, three or four years so that you're image is always a positive one.

Reliability - ensuring your staff have a reliable and comfortable vehicle to travel within Malaysia will help them arrive on time, feeling suitably refreshed. Investing in business car leasing can have a positive impact on motivating your deserving staffs.

Depreciation risk - corporate lease is suitable when you use your vehicle wholly or predominantly for business purposes. This means that the vehicle is used for business for more than 50% of the time. It's also a great option if you would like no residual risk at lease end.

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We offer flexible, tailor-made corporate car lease plans to suit your specific business need






Car leasing in Malaysia allows customers to acquire their favorite cars which are otherwise beyond their budgets. It is crucial to compare the features     of various lease options available and select a lease that best suits your requirement.


LeaseTips :

Choose a car with higher resale value history. Low residual value translates into higher monthly lease payments. Some expensive cars with better residual value could have lower lease payment compared to cheaper cars.