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Personal Leasing allows individuals to pay for car use the smart way.

As more and more employers offer car allowances instead of company car schemes, then more and more people choose personal car leasing as the sensible way to drive preferred good new cars without any hassle at all.



Personal leasing is essentially hiring a car with a contract over a fixed period of time, for a fixed payment amount which is paid by the hirer. Complete maintenance based on fair wear and tear will be included in the lease package further enabling the hirer to budget monthly and annual motoring costs, leaving only the cost of fuel as possible variable amounts.

With a personal leasing the hirer do not have the worry of how rapidly the vehicle may depreciate in value as the disposal of the vehicle at the end of the  will not be their responsibility. When the personal lease contract agreement ends, the hirer can simply return the car back, leaving him or her open to start another personal contract hire agreement or simply “walk away”.

There are many reasons and benefits using this type of leasing,

If you are an expact in Malaysia for a certain or an uncertain period of time whether setting up a new branch or a new business providing consultancy services and you do not want to use up big capital making an outright car purchase, leasing is the best option. Some expacts choose to buy an old second hand car just to get from point A to B, but ignore a very important issue - maintenance. Old cars breaks down often and usually without prior notifying you. You can't rely on an old car for long outstation drives.

If you are too busy with work that you pay less attention to your car needs. When you lease a car with Advantage, you need not worry when you car needs a maintenance check as we handle everything, plus we call you to set an appointment at your convenience, we pick up the car, provide you with a replacement car, get your leased car serviced, repaired and checked and drive it back to you, again at your convenience.




Having trouble financing your car purchase?

With the current economic situation forcing some banks to practice stringent loan approval procedures and process, its becoming rather difficult to finance your car, leasing would be the next best option to consider



Take Note : Leasing with Advantage, never require the lessee or the hirer to buy back the leased car.