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Short Term Rental


Short term rental cars in Kuala Lumpur - suitable for New employees, Contract staffs, Special projects, Pool vehicles, Seasonal peaks in business, long holiday plans.


Do you think you may early terminate your lease for some reason?

Long term rental contracts have certain clauses to discourage, even prevent, early termination. To do so usually means you will have to pay termination charges or in some cases all remaining payments. Therefore, if you lease, you should have a stable lifestyle and a good job situation to minimize the possibility of needing to terminate early. Wanting or needing to end a lease early is the most common problem people have with long term leasing so short term lease is another option

With short term rental in Kuala Lumpur you get :

  • Immediate delivery of vehicle*

  • No need for the long-term commitments. Allows you to use a car on a month-by-month renewal basis..

  • Rates beat standard daily rental and are competitive with leasing.

  • Minimum 1 month and better rates for 6 months rental commitment

  • All prices include 24-hour emergency assistance, road tax, maintenance and free replacement vehicle in event of breakdown, unlimited mileage and much more.

  • Pay by credit card or cash*.

  • 24 hour contact helpline.

   Check out our best short term rental car offers and choose from the many options available

   that suit your budget or requirement. We are pleased to assist you in making the best short

   term rental car for you.

  Special Offer -  HONDA ACCORD 2.4 VTEC AUTOMATIC - Only RM3,xxx per month