Long Term Car Leasing

We at Advantage share a common goal – to provide Business & Personal car leasing deals while delivering the best value price to all of our customers, ensuring the whole process is simple & easy.

Are you looking for a car lease deal for personal or business use? Perhaps you want to get a feel for a particular make and model but don’t have the money yet to buy one? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a brand new car without having to suffer the costs if anything goes wrong?
At Advantage Car Rental, we work alongside leading car manufacturers to source vehicles and offer the very best leasing deals.

Why choose Advantage Leasing

  • Wide Choice of vehicle
  • Personalised attention and service
  • Low monthly rates on most cars
  • Able to handle large fleet of rental cars
  • Experience in dealing with large companies & corporations
  • Expect flexibility

Benefits of operating lease

  • Operating Lease payments are fully tax deductible
  • Company vehicles are off balance sheet
  • ACR absorbs car residual loss, hirer need not worry about car disposal and value
  • Your existing lines of credit could be used for other operational or business related costs
  • Allows the release of capital for use in more profitable areas of your business
  • ACR volume purchasing power will result in a cost-effective solution for running your vehicle fleet

Leasing Enquiry

At Advantage Car Rental, we specialise in Operating Lease and understand the importance of delivering personalised leasing packages backed by a high level of customer service. With two decades of vehicle leasing experience we take pride in providing simple, affordable vehicle leasing options. Whether you are looking for a business lease or personal lease, we will tailor a low cost and flexible car leasing package that is just right for you - AND your budget! The longer your lease duration, the cheaper the rates get. Enjoy serious savings pay as low as RM50 per day on economical cars. And there is no charge for one or more qualified additional driver. So whether you’re looking for one car lease or large fleet lease, talk to us to find out how we can save you time and money with your next vehicle leasing.