GPS Sat Nav

See where you are heading with only RM12/day

Since some of our cars do not come fitted with a built in GPS navigation, rent a portable one from us or use one for free! (T&C applies).

Have the entire Malaysia at your fingertips with a GPS. Using one of these helpful gadgets means you can reach your hotel with ease, travel to nearby attractions without going round in circles and possibly arrive early to your meetings.

Simply drive wherever you please before using your tracking system to find your way back to your hotel again! If you need refuelling the GPS will show you how far away you are from the nearest gas station and you make make necessary adustments to your journey.

GPS Usage Guide

Ask a member of our staff to explain how to operate the GPS and remember to plug in the GPS charger after starting your car engine to avoid power surge. Familiarize yourself with the settings too, and make sure it’s secured in a position that you can see easily (particularly if you’re driving alone). Always stay on your original route and don't be too adventurous exploring off the beaten tracks especially if you are not familiar with the roads in Malaysia. After using the GPS turn the power off and be sure to keep it out of view, either in the trunk or glove compartment.

Advantages of using a GPS

  • Points of Interest: This function provides useful information for business travel (e.g. the location of your preferred petrol station), nearest bank, food, shopping malls etc.
  • 2d & 3d mode: Clearly shows which lane to take at junctions so you don’t miss your turning.
  • Itineraries: You can pre set your destinations ahead of your travels.
  • Plug & Go: Simply plug in your device and tap the screen and your journey has started.