Car Rental Policies

Hirer is advised to read terms and conditions as laid out on the reverse side of our rental agreement. Below are some of brief details of our rental policies for your information and easy reference. The abbreviation "ACR" means Advantage Car Rental.

Age Requirement

Below are ACR's policies on age requirements:

  • The primary renter (Hirer) must be 25 years of age, or for selected corporate rentals and selected students, the minimum age is 21.
  • Additional drivers must meet the same eligibility requirements as the Primary driver
  • All drivers must show a valid driver's license at time of rental.
  • Additional DEW surcharge may be imposed for renters aged 21 - 24.
  • Fullsize Class vehicles onwards may not be rented to younger drivers.
  • ACR reserves the right to refuse rental of a vehicle if the renter demonstrates inability to handle the rental car or understand road rules and conditions.
  • Car Rental Rate

    Rates are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), which cover 24-hours unlimited mileage usage and are inclusive of maintenance based on fair wear and tear , insurance except fuel. Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice. Rates include up to RM3,000,000 insurance coverage against damage to third party property.

    Cash Rental

    Renter may opt to pay all car rental charges up front by cash in full upon collection of rental vehicle but renters credit or charge card will be imprinted for security deposit.

    Renters must meet Advantage's requirements for renting a vehicle without a valid credit card.

    Only Compact through Standard size vehicles can be rented with cash and at the sole discretion of Advantage Car Rentals.

    No Additional Drivers are allowed on Cash Rentals.

    All cash rentals, including prepayments, vouchers, and the like will require a cash deposit equivalent to 'excess' as stated in the DEW table rental,in addition to the pre-calculated rental charges.

    When the rental vehicle is returned in accordance with the rental terms and conditions, the cash deposit will be refunded upon return of the vehicle, and in some instances, the refund will be mailed or banked in to the customer following the return of the rental vehicle.

    Requirements for cash rental:

  • A valid driver's license
  • At least 25 years of age or for selected students, the minimum age is 21 (please see Age Requirements)
  • Registered cellular phone bill may have to be verified if age is below 25.
  • The address on bill must match address in renter's profile.
  • A return ticket from an airline
  • Verifiable employment
  • Ability to make a cash deposit in addition to the cost of the rental
  • A valid Passport and other travel documents.
  • Confirmation Number

    A Confirmation number, also known as a reservation number, provides a guarantee for a certain reservation which usually ends with e.g. RAXXXX. Kindly take note that without the confirmation number, a reservation is not confirmed!

    Corporate Car Rental

    Subject to our acceptance. A letter of undertaking with company letterhead will be required and perhaps a cheque covering the estimated rental charge is required prior to delivery of vehicle. In addition, we may swipe the renters credit card for deposit.

    Credit Card

    For all bookings, a valid credit card is required for security deposit and for verification purposes. Rental for certain car types will not be processed without a valid credit card with sufficient balance for deposit.

    Renter must be the owner of his/her credit card and must be present at time of taking delivery of rental vehicle.

    Master & Visa cards are accepted. Debit Card is accepted subject to our approval

    Renter's name must match with the name on the renter's Malaysian Identification Card or Passport for non Malaysians. Signature on the back of credit card must match name printed on card. Authorisation on the credit card will be cancelled/refunded within 14 work days from date the rental vehicle is returned provided all monies owing to ACR are paid in full, no traffic fines or summons are found whilst the rental car was in hirer's possession and nothing from the car rental terms and conditions as stipulated on the reverse side of the car rental rental agreement is breached.

    Damage Excess waiver (DEW) or Collission Damage Waiver (CDW)

    DEW is the waiver for insurance excess charge in the event the rental car is involved in any accident involving another vehicle/vehicles or property or other unknown damages whilst the rental vehicle is under the hirer's possession. All ACR rental vehicles carry an excess, (see table below), which must be paid by the renter in accordance with the estimated cost of repair.

    Hirer must inform an ACR agent within 5 hours of any accidents however minor and if necessary upon ACR's request, a police report shall be made at the nearest police station and all relevant information such as third party vehicle registration number, make & model, colour, driver's name, contact details must be obtained immediately. Failure to inform ACR of any accidents within 5 hours of incident or providing sufficient information of the third party will result in immediate void of DEW protection and the renter/hirer will have to bear all cost of repair to the rental car including the third party damages (if applies) and loss of use.

    Hirer may purchase additional coverage for DEW to partially waive the insurance excess. For details on relevant cost and coverage, kindly check with ACR Reservations at time of rental.

    Car Class Damage Excess Theft Excess
    Age (21-25) (Age 25-60) All Age
    Economy RM4,000 RM3,000 RM4,000
    Executive n/a RM8,500 RM10,500
    SUV n/a RM10,000 RM12,000
    MPV n/a RM10,500 RM12,500

    Delivery & Collection

    Upon the renters request, rental car can be delivered or collected to any point within peninsular Malaysia at a nominal charge. This however may be exempted or discounted if the rental period exceeds 7 days (does not apply to special deals or promotions). Read Excess Rental


    All rental deposit will be retained for 14 work days after the rental vehicle is returned. This is to check for any available traffic or parking fines or summonses and if found it will be deducted from the rental deposit. If a traffic violation is committed.
    See Traffic Fines
    The rental deposit will also be used to set off with cost or repair for damages to the rental vehicle

    Drop Off Charge

    Renter may drop off rental vehicle in another location outside the state (within Peninsular Malaysia ) originally collected and certain collection charge applies. ACR have the right to refuse any altered drop off time or location and may charge extra for for such changes.

    Early Return

    Should renter confirm a certain rental duration and extend the rental, then hirer will be charged with respective rate (possibly discounted) for more usage.

    Should renter confirm certain rental duration and return early, then renter will be charged with respective rate (possibly higher) for lesser usage.

    Also, if renter’s early return falls on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, then hirer without prejudice must pay until the next official work day.

    Excess Rental & Late Pick Up

    ACR's standard rental is 24 hours per day except for certain Special Discounts or Special Deals. For car hire based on ACR standard rental rates, the usage is 25 hours (1 hour complimentary). Excess hour will be charged at 1/8th per hour off the standard rental rate. Excess hours charges are calculated differently for discounted deals. Please read terms and conditions on special deals and discounts.

    If the renter's pick up time is after 5pm then the return time will be at 3pm at the end of rental period, otherwise standard hourly charge shall apply.


    Rental vehicle will be delivered with full tank of fuel upon renters request and it should be returned with the same level failing which an estimated refueling charge plus RM5 service charge will be collected from the renter . All rental cars run on premium grade fuel. Excess fuel will not be refunded or offered with credit or contra with any other charges due from the renter to ACR.

    Handling Fees

    All fines, penalties, traffic summons incurred during the rental period will be charged back to the renter. In addition, a handling fee of RM50 will be levied on all payable traffic fines. A valet charge of RM30 may be levied if the vehicle is returned in very dirty or muddy condition.

    Excess fuel will not be refunded or offered with credit or contra with any other charges due from the renter to ACR.

    No Show

    In the case of a "no show" of a renter, the reservation will be canceled. ACR charges a fee on the renters credit card for vehicles that are reserved but not rented, if the reservation was not canceled by the hirer within 48 hours of the anticipated arrival.

    Cancellations are accepted up to two calendar days before reservation date. If the reservation is not cancelled, a No Show Fee of RM50.00 will be charged to the credit card on the Guaranteed Reservation. In the case of pick up point outside Kuala Lumpur, chargeable delivery fee applies.

    Please read terms and conditions on respective special deals and discounts.

    Peak Season Booking

    Bookings done for rentals during peak season (PEAK), will require all rental charges to be paid upfront 7 days before the pick up date or rate increase. If the rental is cancelled the following cancellation charges apply :

    Within 48 hours before pick up time - Full rental charges will be forfeited.

    Within 2-3 days before pick up date - 80% off the rental charges will be forfeited.

    Within 4-5 days before pick up date - 50% off the rental charges will be forfeited.

    Within 6 days before pick up date - 30% off the rental charges will be forfeited.

    Within working hours of the confirmation date - 10% off the rental charges will be forfeited.

    Personal Car Rental

    Only payment by credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) will be accepted. see cash rental

    Pre-Paid Bookings

    If booking done during special promotion (SP) to lock rates for future usage and cancelled at anytime after the booking, 80% off the entire amount will be forfeited. Read also No Show

    An advance car rental booking will be required for rentals during peak season such as school or public holidays, during festive seasons, during blackout dates or for special discounted deals. Renters may have to pay 50% off the total rental charges in advance by at least 5 working days and full charges for certain discounted deals possibly earlier. Renters could bank in the required rental charges into ACR bank account or a special arrangement could be made for us to meet you in person to have all relevant rental documents signed and payments collected.


    A reservation is confirmation of a vehicle which is reserved at a particular location, on a specified date, at an agreed upon base rate plus taxes, surcharges and fees. Taxes, surcharges and fees are subject to change. Modifications to a reservation could result in a change in rate and other costs.

    Responsibility of Hirer

    Advantage holds the renter responsible for the safe return of the rental vehicle in the same condition as it was rented, except for normal wear and tear.

    Unless prohibited by law or with DEW coverage, a renter may be held responsible for all damages, including loss of use should the vehicle be damaged in an accident, stolen or vandalised. This is the case regardless of fault. The renter may also be asked to pay for the damage up to and including the total cost of replacing the vehicle in case of a total wreck or loss.

    The followings are not covered under insurance coverage or protected with DEW (please also read terms and conditions on reverse side of rental agreement)

    i) Crack, chip or any other damage to the Windscreen (front & rear), windows or all part of rental vehicle are not covered

    ii) Damage or stains to any part of the interior of the rental vehicle

    iii) Missing parts or accessories

    Please ensure the vehicle check out report has been properly verified before leaving the rental location and or signing the vehicle check out report form (checklist). All above damages will be charged to the hirer or set off with the rental deposit

    Traffic Violations & Fines

    Hirer will be liable for all parking related fines, speeding tickets or any fines or summonses issued by road transport or traffic authorities whilst the rental vehicle is in the possession of the hirer. Hirer agrees that an additional between RM50 and RM100 will be charged to handle such fines and all charges will either be collected from the hirer or set off with the rental deposit. Hirer under any circumstance is strictly not allowed to settle traffic fines on his/her own at any point in time .


    An upgrade is a rental vehicle that is provided one, two or even three class higher than the one reserved.

    If renter choose to rent a vehicle from a class higher than the one originally reserved, additional rental and other charges (determined at the time of rental) will be billed.

    If a vehicle from the vehicle category you originally reserved is not available, you will be offered a vehicle from the next higher available vehicle class, at no additional rental charge but the cost of DEW or insurance excess or pick up, drop off cost may differ.